Halfway….Sort of

If I were to say that I’ve been working hard on my project I’d be lying. In all honesty I have, unfortunately, made little to no progress. Procrastination is one of my weaknesses and I have been procrastinating for almost a month. I feel a passion for my project but I lack the conviction to push myself forward. The problem with school is having to juggle homework from multiple classes. I’m not making excuses, but planning ahead has never been one of my strengths.

Anyway, rather than dwell on the past, I feel that I should plan for the future. If I can manage to get myself prepared I may be able to get back on track. So I propose a two-week plan to get back on track.

Week One:

  • Day 1: Advertise
    • Place posters
    • Create Social Media Accounts to monitor traffic
  • Day 3: (If I have received word from my flyers):
    • Meet with a volunteer
  • Day 5: Meet with more volunteers(Hopefully)
  • Weekend(Days 6/7):  Edit and meet with volunteers

Week Two:

  • Day 1: Advertise More
    • Announcements
  • Day 2: (With more volunteers)
    • More interviews
  • Days 4/5: Editing and/or Volunteers
  • Weekend(Days 6/7): Editing and/or Volunteers

If my two-week plan manages to get me back on track, I will have to remain diligent from that point out. The only thing that could cause this plan to fail is either me procrastinating or a lack of volunteers. My hope is that I will have at least five volunteers and 10+ would make my year. By my next post, I should have made some actual progress, but only time will tell.


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