And So It Begins

I can prepare for the journey ahead no longer. I have my idea, I have my message to send out, I have my sources to send it, I have my equipment and I have a focused mind. I can no longer prolong what I must do, so, in this post, I intend to plan and develop my procedure.

I will first need the following materials:

  • Camera/cameraman
  • A guest
  • A quiet place to film and practice unless otherwise required

I will also be going around school and asking various people questions regarding happiness. Since they will be unprepared, they will likely say the first thing they think of when they think of ‘happy’. This is good as it negates the need for any forethought or rejection of otherwise good ideas.

I will be needing a schedule so that I do not get overwhelmed. My general idea is as follows:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: Filming and meeting with people about their replies to the poster

Tuesday/Thursday: Random Interviewing

Sunday/Saturday: Editing/replying to emails

There will obviously be days where I get no replies and/or have no more to do for the time being, so those days will be my days off.

I hope to have sufficient video so as to be finished with the documentary around June 10th.

The documentary will (hopefully) be roughly 30-40 minutes in length. I will be narrating some times and essentially interviewing myself on the subjects. By my next blog post, I hope to have begun the process and also to have made some progress.


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